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Book Tour - and two giveaways!

Here's where I've been appearing the past few days:

Joyfully Jay, August 7, 2013 : Why Historical Romance?

Pants Off Reviews, August 7, 2013 : Bisexual Men in Regency Romance

Alex BeecroftGiveaway! August 8, 2013 : The Role of Women in MMF Historical Romance

M. A. Church, August 9, 2013: another take on why I write historical romance

Mary’s Ménage Whispers, Friday, August 9th2013: Ménage à Trois relationships in late Georgian England 

Elisa Rolle’s Reviews and RamblingsGiveaway! August 10, 2013

All you have to do to be entered to win an e-book copy of Love Continuance and Increasing is to leave a comment at either Alex Beecroft's or Elisa Rolle's posts (you can leave one on each)! Alex Beecroft's giveaway runs through 11:59 PM Eastern Time, Sunday, August 11th, so there's still time!

In other news... I haven't got much other news. I spent a few days at [personal profile] anne 's and came back to find my side of the sofa taken up by [personal profile] eternaleponine 's newly-created Pacific Rim Kaidanovsky plushies. She's currently sitting on the floor cutting out Russian letters that she drew on my failed bookplate labels so she can stick them to an old Army field coat my friend mhaille gave me a while back, so that it will say "Cherno Alpha" around a red star, and the Cyrillic for her name on the front where a mechanic's name patch would go.

And my kid is doing ALL THE LAUNDRY in preparation for heading off to college at the end of the month.

I should be doing ALL THE DISHES. 

As soon as I finish blogging, I will.
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