julian_griffith (julian_griffith) wrote,

Cover art update

 I got a look at the first draft of my cover art for Love Continuance and Increasing last night.

I am SO excited!

It's a first draft, and there are things that need tweaking, but overall? WOW.

I love the layout, I love the character poses, the typography is gorgeous, and there's even a tall ship worthy of Geoffrey Hunt.

AND THEY'RE ALL WEARING CLOTHES. Which is a huge relief given how many times I begged "no naked people!" on my questionnaire.

They're even wearing period-appropriate clothes! I didn't get the "shampoo model in a prom dress" that turns up so often on the big-name historical romances.

There are definitely things that need tweaking. I won't spell them out, because I'm pretty confident they can be fixed, except for the bit where we'll never get the actors I've cast in my head to pose for the cover -- they'd have had to do it ten years ago in any case. 

It's going to be a BOOK...

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