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Lost and Found in the Pacific

That's its tentative new title. Torquere accepted the story, but they already had a "Lost and Found".

Nice to know I can knock something out in four days and still make it work!

This is for a charity anthology, and I'll just quote from the Torquere site:

For the 2013-2014 Charity event, which will premiere in September 2013, we've chosen OutServe-SLDN as our donation organization. OutServe is an non-profit that provides legal services and support to LGBT military individuals and families, working toward equal representation and benefits.
Depending on how fast Storm Moon gets their release schedule back on track, this may in fact be the first of my pieces that sees print.

Four for four, so far, with #5 still waiting for an answer. Not. Too. Shabby.

Definitely need to work on the next novel, whichever one I pick. And SOMEHOW make two new spaces for bookshelves, because I'm going to have to dedicate one to the Wars of Religion in France and another one for post-WWII queer history of NYC. Harry and Andrew from this story aren't content with a mere 6500 words. They told me about their lives right up into the 21st century, where they were one of those same-sex couples in their eighties lined up at City Hall, and they want me to keep writing.

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