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Introductory post

Julian Griffith, after years of writing for her own amusement and that of her friends, will soon have her first novel, Love Continuance and Increasing, released by Storm Moon Press. It's an unconventional romance between two men and one woman set in England during the Napoleonic Wars. It's slated to come out in August of 2013. Her Christmas story, "Therefore Be Merry, Set Sorrow Aside," featuring the same characters, will be released by Storm Moon Press in December of 2013. "Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant", a story about a naval captain and a woman Barbary pirate, will appear in Storm Moon's forthcoming anthology Turning the Tables.

She's waiting to hear back on two more stories: "Cherish the Ladies", a lesbian Regency romance, and "Lost and Found", a romance between two soldiers in the Pacific theater of WWII.

The next projects she's contemplating include a novel about a musketeer and a Jewish woman playwright in Louis XIII's France, another about a "passing woman" soldier (who identifies as male) in the Peninsular War, and a series about what happens to the WWII soldiers after they get home. The eighteenth-century naval captain and the Barbary pirate are also asking for a sequel.

This journal will likely contain musings on the writing process, research notes, and the occasional excerpt. Also tea blogging and the occasional knitting project.

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